Wave, 2012, stainless steel 18x8x8

Heads in the Cloud, 2000, welded, forged and painted steel, aluminum, concrete

Shazam, 2003, welded steel, paint, 4x3x5

Open Door, 2001, welded steel, paint, 10x4x4

Center in the Universe, 2005, welded steel, paint, 50x30x20 area

Various works in the studio, 2005

Soft Cube, 2000, welded steel, paint, approx. 10x10

Blue Knot, 2005, welded steel pipe, paint, approx. 12x13

Mint Knot, 2000, welded steel, paint, approx. 12x14

Looping Steel Tube, 2000, welded steel, approx. 12x2

Breaking Clouds, 2006, forged and welded galvanized steel sheet, approx. 15x15

Flaming Hoop, 1999, forged and welded galvanized steel, 50x10

Crinkled Surface, 2012, forged galvanized steel sheet, 34x48

Open Container, 1998, forged and welded steel, paint 30x15x4

Aspire, 2007, steel, paint 50x10x10

Sparks, 2006, steel, stainless steel, concrete, paint 22x8x8